Sunday, February 2, 2014

"Doing Math": Tesselation (s)

Using my novice Geogebra skills, I created the following tesselation:

I also made a few attempts previous to this one for my "base" shape, but the final one I used (above) is my favorite. Here is another "base" that I made, though I didn't find as aesthetically pleasing:
And here is another, more "full" tesselation that I was able to flesh out more.

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  1. Cool patterns. If you wanted to make an exemplar out of them, you could talk about the math of your process, what you notice about them or what you see in them once done. What were you trying to do?

    GGB tip: At the beginning of a sketch I usually use Options > Labeling > new points only or off. You can turn them off later by selecting everything (or a category like points in the algebra view) and unchecking 'show label'